Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Northern Ireland at the PDC World Cup of Darts

Team Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney and Brendan Dolan are to take to Germany next week for their assault on at the PDC World Cup of Darts. They take on South Africa in their opener hoping to live up to their dark horses moniker.

This week Daryl Gurney said:

Just because I’m top four in the world and reached the Premier League Play-Offs doesn’t mean I have the right to beat anybody else.”

Team NI with Gurney reached the 2016 World Cup of Darts semi-finals alongside Dolan.

“You can never predict how well you’re going to do in PDC event because the standard is so high, I could go and average 104 and get beaten.

“I know Brendan is at home practicing hard and hopefully he will be as good as he was alongside Mickey Mansell at the 2015 event before I started playing in it.

“If we get that player back we can beat anybody in Hamburg and you never know, we could win the whole thing.

Good luck Daryl and Brendan!

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