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Kyle McKinstry bullish over defending his England Open title this weekend and BDO World Trophy dilemma.

Kyle McKinstry

Kyle McKinstry

Northern Ireland’s Kyle McKinstry is off to Selsey in England this weekend to defend his England Open title won last year. Kyle had an interview with Phil Haigh from metro.co.uk and below are some of the things he had to say, including his view on the BDO World Trophy.

“I’m confident, I would say I’m playing better this year than last year.”

“I’ve put a lot of practice in and the Challenge Tour have helped me, Q School has helped me. I enjoy Selsey, there’s something about Selsey, every time I go there I seem to win.”

“I won the Pentathlon in September there. If you like a venue you’re going to go with a load of confidence. The way I’ve been practicing, I know that if I go out there and play the darts that I’ve been playing there’s nobody beating me. People will say to me ‘oh, that’s cocky’ but why go to a tournament if you’re not going to go and win it? There’s no point going all the way to Selsey if you don’t want to win it, so I’m happy to say I’m walking into that room and there’s no one beating me.”

“I’m defending champion, I’m there for a reason.”

Due to McKinstry skipping a few tournaments here and there and not on the european trips as much he has fallen down to ranking number 23. Kyle thinks this is a completely false representation of his talents, having reached the Lakeside last eight this year.

“I know myself, if I’d have done the competitions the top three or four has done, I would be in the top six, easy. Dave Parletti is up there, I get on well with Dave, but he’d tell you himself I’m one of his bogey players, he can’t beat me, he cannot beat me. I had Geert de Vos, I could never ever beat him, everybody has one.”

“But I would say definitely my ranking is false, I would rank myself at least in the top six in the BDO. I would say, apart from the top four, I’ve been consistent as anyone. Last 16, quarter-finals, semis, I hardly have a bad result.”

“At Lakeside this year I would be disappointed if I don’t get to the semi-finals, at least the semi-finals.”

Kyle is also in the dark when it comes to the BDO World Trophy, scheduled for August, but without a venue yet.

“I’ve qualified for the World Trophy, but nobody knows where it’s at!”

“I’ve text and rang [BDO chairman] Des Jacklin, but he won’t even reply to my calls or messages. My manager’s onto me looking to book flights and hotels and I don’t even know where it is! We can’t book anything, it’s frustrating, we’ve lost the points from last year because it hasn’t been played. I’ve lost 28 points.”

The BDO calendar and ranking system works on an annual basis (the PDC has two years). So the fact that Kyle played well at the BDO World Trophy last year and got 28 points for his trouble are insignificant now, as with not holding the tournament in 12 months time, the points are lost. The same has happened to Wale’s Jim Williams who has been impacted especially by this as he won the Belfry Open, Bruges Open and International Open last year and has lost those points without the chance to defend any of them, as they have went past the 12 month window…

McKinstry on the BDO World Trophy:

“I’m not confident about it, I don’t think it is going to happen, to be quite honest, I don’t think the World Trophy is going to go ahead. And if the World Trophy isn’t going to go ahead, which is one of the main ones which Des signed this contract for last year, the World Championship, the World Masters and the World Trophy, if the first one doesn’t go ahead, it makes you think about Lakeside. Is Lakeside going to go ahead?

“It makes you think. I don’t think he’s lying, but if he could just tell the players involved and say it’s going to be in Manchester or wherever, or even near there, if you book to Manchester you’ll be safe enough. You don’t need to do a whole big speech, just tell the players because it’s not fair on them.”

Kyle McKinstry is one of the best throwers to come out of Northern Ireland in the last few years and has shown the improvement at local NIDO level and international level has done to try and get more people to break through. If the uncertainty continues we may lose quality players like Kyle to the PDC system as Kyle suggests:

“This is why I’d have to think if I won Lakeside, the BDO would have to guarantee bigger events and more televised events.”

“At the end of the day, everybody picks a dart up because they want it to be their job, and if you want it to happen, it’ll have to be the PDC.”

Northern Ireland’s Paul Brown and NIDO Youth #2 Travis Baur are also in contention this weekend. We wish them all good luck.

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